How Instagram became so popular

Instagram is a social media platform that was developed to share photos and videos by users. With its usage in both android and IOS platforms, Instagram has gained a considerable following from all corners of the world. Users can upload a photo or a short video with a caption, hashtags, and geotags to index the photos for easy accessibility by their searches. When Instagram posts something, it appears on the follower’s feed, which can also be seen by the public if there were geotags or hashtags. Same as any other social media, Instagram users can either like, comment, send messages, and sharing the content with other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and many more.

Instagram’s social media platform was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 with the sole objective of photo sharing. The word Instagram was derived from an instant camera and telegram to signify the purpose of the application. The IOS version was released on October 6, 2010, followed by the android version on April 3, 2012. The release of the android version was received by the world overwhelmingly, and within two years, the app had accumulated more than 40 million active users. Facebook got interested in the Instagram platform and purchased it in summer at $1 billion.

In the beginning, the app could only allow photos to be posted on Instagram, but in 2013, they included a 15-second video. In 2016 Instagram expanded the length of the video that could be assigned to a 60-second video. Later Instagram allowed its users to upload videos of full size by the subscribers.

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Instagram for businesses

Besides individuals, Instagram has also come up with innovative ways to reach their clients using the platform. Companies can open a free account for their businesses to promote their brands and their products. If your business has an Instagram account, it can receive free engagement and impression metrics to guide business directions. With the ability to share business stories in the business account, more than 1 million advertisers can use Instagram to promote their products and services.


Why Instagram became popular

After the launch of Instagram, it continues to gain popularity year after year. Here are some of the reason why it has gained a considerable following.


It is a free platform

Instagram has always been free, and many customers will want a free thing so that they can try them. The application is free has gained a reputation because there is no cost associated with the app. Downloading the app is also free, and the registration is free and easy.


Simple layout

People of today’s world want to be associated with simple products; Instagram being on the frontline in understanding their client’s needs came up with a simple layout that is very easy to navigate. Though the app continues to receive updates, it still has the best layout for its clients.



With Instagram, sharing your photos is done in a second, making it very convenient for the users. With many people also wanting to go live to share what they are doing in real-time, Instagram has made it possible for people to share and store memories using Instagram.


It came to fill a need

When using Instagram, you do not have to be worried about the space of your phone as it can allow you to save a massive amount of data worth photos without having to use extra storage. Many people feel attached to the platform due to such functionalities.


Instagram is unique

When Instagram launched in 2010, it was very different from all other platforms; this uniqueness made people eager to know what they can derive from it. Its layout and appearance make it stand out compared with other social media platforms. The app was fun and easy to use, which attracted many people.



Instagram’s creativity and innovativeness can always be depicted, though, is a series of updates that it has done to the app through time. Having a popular app that is not supported by continuous brilliance in decision making cannot last long because users keep changing preference which must be incorporated in the app. Instagram has been very consistent in giving its customers the best technology and ideas of today’s rating.


Instagram and marketing

Even the traditional marketing strategy always held a golden rule of going where people must be replicated in the new era constituted by intense competition. When you grow your following on Instagram, it means many people can access to the posts that you update, and they will directly be informed of what you are communicating about your company. Here are some of the benefits of using Instagram for business.


Purchasing Power

Statistics show that around 1/3 of Instagram users have used the app to purchase a product sold online. With this type of power on Instagram, missing this opportunity must be a disadvantage toward the business. Having many followers will translate into higher sales. Every company is striving for, and Instagram will get you past your expectations if you maximize its potential to grow your business.


Advanced Targeting Options

After you have recognized the number of Instagram users in your account, it gets easier to target your specified audience for marketing. Going by the fact that Facebook acquired Instagram, it has tried to extend the capabilities of Facebook in the field of marketing. You can filter the advertisement by age, interests, behaviors, or geographical locations. You can also target the people who have never heard about your product, referred to as cold targeting.


Trackability of sales and leads

Instagram gives clear ROI, which can provide a clear direction of the sales and leads trackability of sales and lead gets very easy. Instagram uses the Ads Manager platform as Facebook uses, meaning you can achieve more on the same with a huge following, which is very significant. With the app, you can view everything from link clicks, leads conversion, and the result of every campaign you run.


Extra Features for Business Profiles

Instagram differentiates an individual account from that of a business. Unlocking into a business means that you will be able to open a world of features to promote your business. Some of the features in the business account include the call to action for your page visitors, promoting your posts with ad dollar, and the ability to receive the account insights.


Quality Brand Building

One of the best qualities of Instagram is organic functionality, which are actions you can perform or results from you can achieve without applying the paid advertising dollars. The difference from an application like Facebook, on Instagram, you can build an honest relationship between your followers and your brand from the start instead of the paid ads.

Understanding Your Customer Base

It is essential to know that a target market is not just an audience with statistical demographics and behaviors. A target market is composed of real people meaning that your strategy must be very flexible and incorporative. Using Instagram, you can be able to filter the likes and dislikes of your audience. You can understand the kind of content that they associate themselves with. Having such information, you will know the type of content to create for your audience.

Instagram is a very powerful tool that every business should ensure is working for them. You will be surprised with the kind of marketing it can do for you whether paid or not. Having many followers will not only popularize your brand, but also it will result to lead conversions.